State Re-Qualification for Retired LEO (HB218)

Commence Fire LE LogoAlso known as “National Concealed Carry for Cops”. This course is for retired Law Enforcement Officers who reside in the State of Ohio. We guarantee that you will feel welcome in our non-intimidating training environment. Upon successful completion you will receive a laminated identification card and notarized letter of certification. You will be able to carry a concealed handgun of the same type authorized by your department for a period of 12 months.

Registration and payment information located at the bottom of this course page.

*Training will be conducted with Semi-Automatic Handguns only.

Range Training will consist of 2 hours & will cover the following:

  • OPOTA Handgun Re-qualification Course
    • *You must successfully complete this course to pass.


Pre-requisites: This course is for retired Law Enforcement Officers ONLY.

Cost: $60

Duration: 2 Hours Range Training

Range Location: Gray’s Armory at 1234 Bolivar Avenue


  • Firearm – Semi-automatic ONLY.
    • *Must be of the same type authorized by your department.
  • Strong Side Hip Holster (appropriate for the handgun being used)
  • Magazine Holder
  • Extra Magazines (must have at least two magazines total)
  • 100 rounds of factory loaded ammunition

Registration and Payment

You can register for this course by clicking here. You will need to REGISTER as well as select your PAYMENT method below.