Confrontation Preparation Proper Survival (Mindset)

Are you prepared for a violent confrontation necessitating the use of a firearm?  Only you know!

The body will never go where the mind is not prepared to take it!

One must realize that having the Proper Mindset is half the battle.  You must have the willingness to use force to defend yourself and/or your loved ones.   When justified and forced to defend yourself it must be done without indecision, hesitation, or reluctance!

We can assist you with understanding the Defensive Mindset.  The Warrior Mindset that losing a gunfight is NOT AN OPTION!

Classroom training will consist of 3  to 4 hours (depends on class participation) and will cover, but not limited to the following:crime-scene

  • Willingness to Use Force
  • Defensive Mindset
  • Proper Attitude
  • Psychological Conditioning
  • Combat Conditioning
  • Fear Conditioning
  • Wound Conditioning
  • Confrontation Visualization
  • Awareness
  • Projection of a Strong & Confident Demeanor
  • What to Expect and do if Involved in a Deadly Force Encounter
  • OODA Loop


Pre-requisites: None.

Cost: $50

Duration: 4 Hours Classroom Training

Class Location: CFTA training facility at 4145 Pearl Road

Requirements: None.

Registration and Payment

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