Private Training

private-trainingSometimes PRIVATE TRAINING is the best option for an individual.  We here at Commence Fire understand that and offer Private Training for those who desire it.  No matter what discipline you are looking for we can customize training that is right for you!  Private Training is hands down the BEST way for you to learn!

There are many benefits to Private Training.  When you are provided individualized attention and instruction you can drastically increase your personal skill level in less time.   When working “one-on-one” the instructor will pick up on the small things that need “tweaking” because their time and attention is not divided.  Private Training fosters a more positive, non-intimidating and comfortable learning environment conducive to rapid improvements in a comprised time frame.

Contact us here at Commence Fire and let us know what you need.  Whether you just want to shoot more accurately, faster, work on your draw, low level light, malfunctions, multiple targets, or just want to feel more comfortable, we can do that.  We will analyze your needs and provide the appropriate training.

Commence Fire can also provide Semi-Private Training.  If you and your family member, friend, or co-worker would like Semi-Private Training as well.  Just give us a call to work out the details.

Along the same lines of Private Training, Commence Fire can provide Corporate Events, Team Building Events, Family Events, or Birthday Parties.

Honestly the benefits far out way the costs.  Please contact us via email at or give us a call at 216-401-1070 to work out the details and see if Private Training is right for you.