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I got everything I expected out of the class and so much more! Education and safety in context of the real world. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and like to have a few laughs along the way. Loved it! Signing up for additional classes. Thank you! – Anne B.

Thank you for note and information on upcoming programming through your organization. Let me also take this opportunity to express my thanks and the thanks of my son Devin for the outstanding training experience we had on December 5th. Without question, it was more than we expected….more professional, more in depth, more understandable, more informative and even more interesting than we had anticipated. Initially my neighbor (Duane C.), my son and I dreaded attending a training that lasted 8 hours. We have each been in professional development classes, workshops, etc. essentially covering boring and useless topics and taught by individuals without passion and commitment for the topic they were “teaching.” In the case of Commence Fire, however the material was presented in an understandable way, was professionally produced and delivered and was made interesting throughout the day with demonstrations, illustrations hands-on activities and a bit of humor.

On Tuesday 12/8, Duane and I traveled to the Geauga County Sheriff’s office to submit our permit applications. The final affirmation of the quality of training that we received was the remarks of the Deputy who took our applications. Without any prompting, he remarked about the consistently high quality of the Commence Fire program and the graduates of your program who submit their applications through the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office. That is the ultimate praise!

Again, we thank you for the work you do in preparing ordinary people to defend themselves. Since we left your class, two police officers have been shot by “bad guys”….one of these incidents was less than 1/2 mile from our homes in Richmond Heights!

See you soon in another class. – Terry B., Graduate

I took the CHL class on the first of November with my daughter and a friend. We had a wonderful experience and we have recommended the class to everyone we have talked to. The staff chemistry and the family atmosphere added to the day.

I will be bringing my wife to the CHL class soon. She is a little uneasy about handling a firearm but I know she is in good hands. Every level of experience is welcome here and personal one on one training is the norm.

The class time was fast paced and well thought out. We plan on taking more classes to sharpen our skills and to be prepared. I can’t thank everyone enough. – Todd B.

Took the CCW class with this company this past Sunday. They are very informative and very professional in everything they do will definitely recommend to others and return for another class that they offer thank you had a great time!!!!!!! –Ken B.

Want your CCW? This is where you need to look. Took this one day class with my dad, and could not be happier. They have the BEST instructors…lead instructor runs the police academy at Tri-C and is in charge of training at a major metropolitan department. They were so professional, helpful, respectful, and PASSIONATE about the course. These people went out of their way to make sure we learned what we needed to know. The instructors were not boring at all and the class flew by. Lunch is included, as is time for a quick dinner after the exam. Everything was done with an incredible emphasis on safety.

There were both people who hadn’t picked up a gun in their life, and those who spent time in the military taking the course. Everyone was treated respectfully and given CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. If you look take your class anywhere else, you must be trying to cut corners. DON’T CUT CORNERS. Don’t take other classes that offer to give you the class for a fraction of the price for a fraction of the state mandated hours. You need to know the information, and why not be taught by professional instructors in such a great environment? Fast paced class, for those who are ready to protect themselves. Thank you Commence Fire!! I will be back. – David W.

I have a feeling that Ami will want to take the other courses with you guys, but it may be a while before she can get more time off work. She really enjoyed the entire experience, as I expected. I was really impressed with the ‘operations’ myself. However, with what I know of your hubby, I was expected nothing less.

I know you guys do surveys of your students, but I thought you’d be interested to know what folks were saying after they’d gotten done and were waiting for the others to finish shooting. I overheard several guys say that they had taken the course elsewhere (Lorain?), and that “it was nothing like this”!

One of them said that the minute he walked into the classroom and saw the setup, he knew that this was going to be different,..better”.  I also heard things like, “I really liked this,” “…this was really fun.” “Man, they do a really good job here.”

You guys do a great job of making people feel comfortable and relaxed.  You keep it professional and safe, but not tense and stressful. I really want to see Ami go back into class with you all, so that she can become a proficient shooter. Commence Fire is the ideal setting for that to happen.

I thank you both so much for taking the time you did with her and letting her ‘mom’ observe, too.  Ami’s been bragging to anyone who will listen about getting her CCW permit.  She was so happy and proud.

Cindy, it was great meeting you, you’re really ‘cool people’. I admire the synergy between you and Keith, I’m sure that’s key to making Commence Fire successful.

Thank you both again for everything. – Trish C.

Great people to learn about firearms from. I took the Basic Marksmanship Skills and the Shoot with the Instructor (remember not to drop the word “with”, please) courses already. They are very experienced and scientific in their approach. They can tell what you are doing wrong just by looking at the pattern of your shots on the target. They are very friendly and enthusiastic, and of course take safety VERY seriously. I will be back for another round of Shoot with the Instructor, and if I ever decide to go back and get my conceal carry license, it will be with them. – Saulius M

I just finished Commence Fires conceal and carry class this evening. What a well put together organization. The atmosphere was great. I never felt intimidated at any point. The instructors were very knowledgeable and very experienced and very safe. The math that I did in my head totaled 75+ years of firearms experience between the all staff members. I would recommend them to anybody. Well worth the money. – Google Plus Review

GREAT STAFF!!! I have taken the CCW course and some follow-up training courses from Commence Fire. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. They were well equipped to deal with people of all experience levels. These folks work hard to make every course an enjoyable experience!! – Google Plus Review

The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and presented the material in a captivating manner.  Ten hours is a long time to pay attention, but ALL the instructors made it easy!  The course provided me with the knowledge I needed regarding CCW laws, as well as proper gun handling and storage, as well as hands on skills using a firearm.  The course was great and I would recommend this training academy to others.  All the instructors did a great job. – Kay K.

I had the privilege of taking the CHL formerly called CCW class, and let me tell you it was a great and informative course.  I’ve learned so much about handling handguns that before this course I knew how to use a gun, but after the course I felt so much more confident and comfortable with using a gun.  I would recommend this class to anyone that’s thinking about getting a gun. The sad part is that the laws are changing and mandatory CHL courses will be 8hrs. The course I was in might havebeen the last 12hr class. It’s such a shame because truthfully all the info and hands on I received in my class others might not get in 8hrs. Which puts the instructor in a hard spot because if he chooses to stay at 12hrs then the competitors will get the majority of folks wanting to do it quick in 8hrs. Let me tell you Commence Fire used their time in the best way possible whether 8 or 12 hours I assure you that you’ll get the best training and results any one can give in Ohio. Nice environment, friendly instructors you’ll definitely enjoy yourtime here.  So if you’re looking to get your handgun license, I highly recommend Commence Fire. – Odell M.

I attended your CCW course yesterday and was extremely pleased with the whole experience.  I would like to thank Keith and Cindy for having a great staff to teach and guide the class the ins and outs of CCW. A special thanks to John Kipp for looking out for me from the moment I pulled up to Commence Fire, he carried my range bag upstairs for me and made me at ease. And at the range on Bolivar he once again looked out for me. Also a special thanks to Ed Markiewicz for having the patience and assistance he gave me at the range. Once again THANK YOU. – Salvatore B.

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the class and the friendly staff.  It was excellent and it was extremely educational.  I don’t mean to be arrogant in my daily living but I study a lot about a lot of things.  This was a humbling experience and it was awesome to learn from professionals which in my life, is usually reversed.  It was great to have someone whom I saw pay very close attention to detail which is rare anymore.  I’ve already started budgeting to continue taking educational courses through you again on a regular basis to become more familiar with different situations and improve my skills.  The staff was great and it was good to see a family all there helping out.

Overall I had a great experience and it saddens me to think that at some time in the near future the amount of time required in training will be shorter than it already is… which in my mind, is too short anyways.  Hopefully you don’t have to conform to the new laws because of lack of business because others offer shorter time frames.  I’ll be recommending Commence Fire to everyone I know.

Thank you so much and I will be seeing you gain soon. – Aaron K.

Just had to let you know how much Bob and I enjoyed the Advanced Handgun Course in Garrettsville on Saturday.

We learned so much, and felt that we improved our skills beyond our expectations.

You, and your staff are total professionals, and it was evident in the degree of safety and learning skills they were passing on to us as the day progressed, we loved it!

We hope to continue with the next course as it becomes available. The only thing missing was was your wonderful wife, Cindy. We hope she can be at the next class! – Bob & Barb B.

I just wanted to say thank you for the patience and support you all exhibited during the Advanced Handgun I course I attended. You were all very professional without making it unnecessarily stressful. You made the experience enjoyable. Except for realizing I have ten thumbs, two left feet, and the visual capability of a mole, I felt comfortable in the environment you provided. I left the course with a much more realistic understanding of dynamic handgun defense in one day than I could ever attain from years going to the static environment of a standard shooting range. I hope to attend another one of your courses soon. – Kurt S.

Hi folks, my daughter Maggie and I want to thank you for the training last weekend, the concealed carry class.  I have never had time go more quickly or enjoyably.  I plan on signing up for the shoot with the trainer course later this summer with my son.  Thanks for the time and the professionalism. – Craig & Maggie J.

A++++ Staff. I took the last 12 hour conceal class and let me tell you how much fun they made the class. The staff made everyone feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend Keith and the staff at Commence Fire to anyone wishing to take the course. It is a shame that the laws changed and made it an 8 hour course because I feel that is not enough time to teach all that needs to be known to safely and legally carry your own handgun. I went to Lake county for my license on Wednesday and Keith was right when he said it may only take them 15 minutes. Thanks for all that I have learned from you and I plan on taking additional classes with you in the future. Thanks again. – Ray M.

I really enjoyed my Shoot with the Instructor class.  The staff is excellent!  They spent time teaching Range Safety, which is a must.  It’s amazing how much you can improve.  Thank you Kyle for all the help.  You taught me well.  I can’t wait for the next class. – Stacy K.