Basic Shotgun

shotgun2This course is for the anyone interested in learning how to use either a Pump-Action or Semi-Automatic Shotgun appropriately, effectively, efficiently and SAFELY!

Highly recommended for anyone thinking about buying a shotgun or those of you who have just bought your first shotgun. We guarantee that you will feel welcome in our non-intimidating training environment.  We will assist you with becoming more comfortable with all aspects of shotgun handling and use.

Note*: You do NOT need any prior experience with a shotgun prior to taking this course. 

Additionally we have several rentable shotguns available for your use.  Please attend this course PRIOR to purchasing a shotgun.  Whether you are interested in a pump-action or semi-automatic we will assist you in making an informed decision.

Classroom Training will consist of 4 to 5 hours & will cover the following:

  • Safe Handling of Shotguns  (most important aspect of firearms training)
  • Weapon Nomenclature  (parts)
  • Weapon Function
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Firearm Maintenance and Cleaning
  • The Six Skills for Proper Marksmanship – See Chart Below








Want a printable copy of the 6 Skills for Proper Marksmanship

Range Training will consist of 2 hours & will cover the following:

  • Dry Firing Exercises with the use of training ammunition
  • Live Firing Exercises


Pre-requisites: None. If you do not own a shotgun, please do not purchase one for this course.

Cost: $100

Duration: 4-5 hours Classroom Training | 2 Hours Range Training

Class Location: CFTA training facility at 4145 Pearl Road

Range Location: Gray’s Armory at 1234 Bolivar Avenue

Requirements: Shotgun, either a Pump-Action or a Semi-Automatic (bring both if you own them). We have many available to rent.

  • 100 rounds of factory loaded No.8 or 9 shot (birdshot)
  • 20 rounds of factory loaded 00 Buckshot ammunition

Registration and Payment

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