Proper Holstering

glock-in-kydex2When the time for action arrives the time for preparation is long gone!

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An individual given no time to act will react in the manner in which they train!  If you have not trained to draw your firearm what makes you think it will happen effectively, efficiently and safely?

Now that you have successfully completed a Concealed Handgun Training Course (does not have to be ours) you owe it to yourself to take our Proper Holstering Course.  After all it is more likely than not that you will be required to draw your handgun from the holster in a deadly force encounter.  The draw of your handgun must be effective, efficient and safe!  We can and will assist you in understanding the pro’s and con’s of what holsters are available on the market and the methods of carry.

If you have not yet purchased a Holster and/or Handgun, DON’T!  Many individuals end up making the wrong choice only to regret it once they attend our training course.  We have 30 different handguns available for use and we will assist you in making an EDUCATED DECISION as to what is the RIGHT HOLSTER and HANDGUN FOR YOU!

Classroom training will consist of 3 hours and will cover the following:

  • Safety (most important aspect of firearms training)
  • Holster Types
  • Pros and Cons of each type of Holster
  • Methods of carry
  • Proper Draw
  • Proper Holstering


Pre-requisites: None

Cost: $40

Duration: 3 hours Classroom Training

Class Location: CFTA training facility at 4145 Pearl Road


  • Handgun (Revolver or Semi-Automatic) only if you already own one. We have many available to rent.
  • Holster (strong side hip)
  • Pants with a belt

Registration and Payment

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